Words of Wisdom for the Bride and Groom…

4 Responses to “Words of Wisdom for the Bride and Groom…”
  1. Barelle says:

    Never go to bed angry :)

    With these words of wisdom you will always get a good nights sleep.



  2. Charissa says:

    The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.



  3. Mani Suni says:

    Dear Wersh,

    These are the words of wisdom from your Aunty who is married already for almost 22 yrs.

    My dearest… words of wisdom is Communication and Understanding. When communicating with your hubby you need to understand and when you think you understand than start to communicate… but don’t this lead to argue. In any way or another… this is the most important key in live. Don’t forget to use it in a most convenient way.

  4. Natascha says:

    Dear Wersh and Deepak,

    Let the love may bloom in the time you spent together.
    Let the knowledge of each other will make you both happy.
    Let the happiness shine true your eyes,
    So when times gets rough it will get you through easily!

    I wish you lots of love and happiness,

    X Natas

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